5 Fall Trends to Know About Now—As Seen on the VOGUE World: New York Runway

5 Fall Trends to Know About Now—As Seen on the VOGUE World New York Runway
A lot happened at VOGUE World: New York! From the unforgettable greetings of Lil Nas X to the catwalks from Emily Ratajkowski, Hari Nef, and more. And let’s not forget the fall 2022 fashion trends. The event is both a celebration of Vogue’s 130th anniversary — a look back at our magazine’s shining history — and fashion today. Both directions are equally stylish.
The runway itself, which opens onto the cobblestone streets of Manhattan’s Meatpacking District and is filled with products from our favorite brands like Gucci, Khaite, Adidas and Balenciaga, can be distilled into five trend. Styled by Alex Harrington, the fashion show brought us a dashboard of fall 2022 fashion trends. Started at the top: modern boho trends, mixed with tech. public and liberal attitudes. There’s also sporty haute couture (a look best summed up in sports terms) and a retro-inspired way of dressing with a hint of nostalgia. Next, there’s the timeless tailoring — crisp classics you’re sure to love no matter the mood of the collection. And finally, there’s the metallic trend, encouraging you to shine this season no matter what you have on your agenda.
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Shop all of these fall trends, below.
Most are familiar with heavy bohemian fashion trends — think ruffled tassels, floral prints, patchwork, crochet, ties, and more. – but on the runway this fall, the trend is neo-bohemian with a focus on glamour and luxury. There are still core elements of vintage craftsmanship throughout, including home-made brocade knits and parsley patterns, creating a feel reminiscent of the flower kids of yesteryear. But a renaissance of neo-bohemian fashion has begun thanks to a host of designers who have made the style their hallmark such as Etro, Chloé, Ulla Johnson, Sea, Zimmermann, and more.
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There is much to like about the neo-bohemian approach, but first of all, it was born from the desire and intention to empower sustainable design methods and artisans from around the world. From flowing tops and lace-up maxi skirts to western cowboy boots and denim outerwear, this crafty, earthy and very purposeful trend is for the modern woman who celebrates the spirit his bohemian, festive god.

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