15 T-Shirt Outfits for Summer

Whether it’s a plain white t-shirt, a vintage patterned t-shirt, or a classic striped t-shirt, one can never have enough t-shirts. Even if we have what seems like a wardrobe full of the same styles, they are all different in our eyes and they all serve different roles when we style our outfits. their own, especially when summer comes.

Regardless of the rising temperatures or the emerging trends, t-shirts are still a staple of every wardrobe. They can keep it casual with your favorite high-waisted jeans, add a fun twist to your outfit when layered under a slip-on dress or ruffled shirt, or become the definition of office style when paired with your favorite summer suit. Since they’re the ultimate chameleon in the wardrobe, we’ve rounded up the best summer t-shirt outfits that showcase all the possibilities of outfits.

Engaging young Parisienne with dark wavy hair, stylish beret and sunglasses in white top and red shirt, making selfie against city background. Sunny warm weather

Crop tops are cycling shorts’ best friend.

Your pajamas wouldn’t be complete without a plain white t-shirt.

Everyone should own a skirt suit and a t-shirt this summer — don’t you agree?

The finishing touches to every Canadian dress.

A white t-shirt is the ideal summer layer for your slip-on dresses.

Keep things interesting with an embellished vintage top.

Make your pants the star of your outfit by pairing them with a simple t-shirt.

Normal job, anyone?

Can an oversized t-shirt act as a dress? Yes, please.

Pair your favorite denim-and-tee combo with a sheer coat.

Another strong case for subclassing.

Your t-shirt doesn’t always have to be the star of your outfit.

Lilac pleated pants styled with tees.

An ideal casual cycling outfit.

Notes on how to properly raise the white tee.

And with that, live long with summer t-shirt outfits.

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